Sunday, July 5, 2009

Lodge Owners.

In last one year I met quite a few Hoteliers and Lodge owners and discuss the local issues about the Park rules and Problems Tourist face in the park. Most of these people were from out of M.P. One Gentleman from Kaziranga said that "In last 22 yrs I went to Directors office only once and since than I never thought of going there again." Another gentleman told me that our aim and working guidelines are very clear. We have nothing to do with the forest and its problems. There is a separate agency appointed by Govt. to look after those issues so let them take care of it.
Some other gentleman said that we make sure that our guest is enjoying his stay with us. We try our best to make his stay comfortable and memorable at our place. Majority of them were not interested in taking any issues related with forest department. One Travel Agent / Lodge Owner said to me clearly that we have to look after our business and we dont have time to worry for other things. Are these People right??
Now this puts that question back that should the lodge owners or people working in Wildlife Tourism should involve themselves in conservation related issues? Most of them said "NO".
One gentleman explained the reason for this. Things have changed in last ten years or so. Now people are not willing to involve in a healthy discussion. I think this speaks a lot.

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