Thursday, January 9, 2020

Wildlife Photographers who stayed with us in last 19 years.

In late 90s we met a young wildlife photographer rom Britain in the park. Often we were the only two vehicles in the park so often we chat about the Tigers and the park.
One day he, Mr Iain Green , asked us if he could come and stay with us.
That's when we had just the one spare room so in fact Iain Green was the first person who started Skays Camp.
He started coming for long stay with us and then about 2 to three visits in a season.
Later on he was the first person to write a book Wild Tigers of Bandhavgarh.
This was the time when Bachchi  was growing and Charger was losing his domain. When Bachchis three male cubs grew they were the only male tigers in the park. They never faced any challenge from any other male means there was no other male tiger in close vicinity of Bandhvagarh.
B2 a.k.a  as Shashi settled in Chakradhara B3  found hills safer for himself and B1 moved to Rajbehra and Beyond.
Shashi became a regular feature on daily basis in Bandhavgarh.
Iain wrote another book this time Tiger Jungle on Shashi.
By this time Steve Bloom, Nick Garbutt and Tony & Sharon Heald started visiting Bandhavgarh on regular basis and staying with us.
Once my picture of a tiger cub appeared on BBC wildlife cover then photographers started enquiring about me and our place.
Then came the Andrew Parkinson, Danny Green, Mark Sisson, Paul Hobson, Tom Way, Richard Barrett, Kim Sulivan and many more who are still patronising Skays Camp.
We dont provide luxury but we comfortable accommodation with running hot and cold water in each room. (All the rooms have attach bathroom). 
Food is mostly vegetarian.
So why all these top grade photographers comes to stay with us?
The answer could be that we provide the best Jungle Experience to them. We have the best record of Tigers of bandhavgarh. Kay keeps the family tree of Tigers of Bandhavgarh which is from 1982 to up to date although now it's getting little difficult to track the record of all the tigers because the tourist zone is limited to 20% of the park.
We are here since 1990.
Now Skays Camp Homestay have 5 twin bedded and one double bed room.
Best way to contact us is through email