Friday, April 28, 2017

Indrajeet elephant and his Master Sabir Mahavat

Another story of Indrajeet Elephant in Bandhavgarh.
Indrajeet elephant was bought by M.P. Forest department from Sonpur mela in early 1980's. He was kept in Kisli and temporarily the Shabir mahavat was asked to look after him. Shabir already had his Master Elephant Shivaji with him so he took Indrajeet under his wings.
Vinod Ramachandran use to call him langdi haathi. I hope he remembers that.
Indrajeet grown and turned in to a beautiful elephant and later moved to Bandhavgarh.
After twenty or more years so one day Shabir came to Bandhavgarh and went to Jungle with us.
A Tiger show was going on at Bathan Tiraha in chakradhara.
We went in queue. Shabir was watching elephants going. Suddenly Shabir asked - Saab is he apna Indrajeet?
I said Yes indeed that's Indrajeet.
Shall I call him?
I said no harm in calling.
Shabir called him twice. Mantu was a Mahavat on Indajeet and had 4 foreign tourist sitting on him.
Suddenly Indrajit stopped. Shabir called him again. This was his third call only. When Shabir called Indrajeet he was about 200 meters away from Shabir.
Indrajeet turned back. Mantu could not control him. Tourists couldn't understand what's happening.
Me and Kay were amazed to see the permanant

 bond between an animal and man.
Indrajeet came straight to Shabir. Sniffed him all over. Indrajeet trunk and Shabir's body were seen holding each other and so the their hearts.
We saw them both crying.
Meeting of two old friends unexpectedly surprised every one on the spot.
Copyright Satyendra Kumar Tiwari.