Friday, April 7, 2017

Bandhavgarh Park visit today morning in Tala zone.

When you are not in good hands you gets misguided or you dont get sufficient information or you get the information about the tiger which can be completely wrong.
Today we were told that some full day safari people saw a tigress with her three full grown cubs walking on road.
Infact the information turned in to crossing the road, that otherone said that we saw the pugmarks of crossing the road and deer alarm call in the distance so news was that mother and three cubs were seen.
We did not see them and we were late to enter the park as usual as we do when not with tourists.
When we reached to these three cubs, who were sitting behind Bathan hill we did not see mother with them but did got the news that a female was seen on bathan junction.
Mahavats said that they found only three cubs and these cubs some times find other females too. Like other day they were following Xena and today they were following Crumb.
We saw Xena crossing the road and three cubs of jaya sitting 30 mtrs behind her in the jungle. 
Other sightings were of a beautiful male Peacock trying his best to impress the female, a male deer chewing bone, Langoor with an unusual coloured baby, meeting of two old friends (Langoor) and Painted Storks. And learnt how tiger swallow the grass.
In all it was a good morning.

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