Monday, July 18, 2016

Indrajeet elephant.

Today while going through my old files I found an undated note written aboput Indrajeet Elephant.

Indrajeet Elephant: This male Elephants tusk were cut in Oct- Nov last year on the instructions and supervision of Local Vet. From Manpur. Tusk were cut so deep that they cut the raw portion of tusk, very close to lips. Later this wound got maggots and Tusk had a deep wound about 2 foot deep in his tusk towards the head. This elephant is tied with chain in Hardia, away from tourism road so other people cant see him. He is in such a pain that he doesn’t allow anyone to come close. His food is offered to him by throwing it towards him.
He tosses his Roti on his back means he is not in a position to chew the food.

At last Indrajeet died few years later.

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