Monday, July 18, 2016

Babu killing Jungle Cat

In Jan 2002 Pyari's first litter sub adult cubs were still roaming in their mothers territory and diminishing her prey base in Chakradhara meadow.
One morning we saw Narangi, female cub, sniffing in tall grass. We followed her for 10 minutes or so and saw her cornering something under a dead tree.
At that point me and Kuttappan were not sure about the animal she cornered so we decided to stop far far away from them.
Narangi lowered her head and moved closer towards the log where this animal was hiding.
Suddenly we saw Narangi leaping back and started licking her nose.
She was scratched on her nose by a Jungle cat.
Her brother was watching her. When he realised that she is not going to hunt that then he came forward saw the cat and killed her instantly.
Those were the film days.
I was very cautiously using my camera.

Watching whole incident through the view finder.
At last he just showed the cat behaviour of a kitten.
Tossing his kill in air.
Sorry for poor scan

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