Sunday, March 24, 2013

Why Tiger prefers to walk on open road???

This is one of the most frequently asked question by most of the tourist in the jungle. Some says because he prefers to walk on soft sand, clear path etc etc but no one tells them the truth.
Cats are very clean animal. They spend lots of time in cleaning their fur, paw and other body parts. They don't like grass seeds and other things struck to their fur. for the same reason one can watch domestic cats or Jungle cats. They behave in a very similar manner to tigers. They don't like any object struck to their fur.
Today we were watching this Wakeeta's male cub sitting on bank of Kinnarwah water hole watching his sister chasing Peacock.
At last he lost his patience and decided to join her. He was walking on bank. His move made many photographers very happy with a very good reflection in the water. I was shooting almost 6-7 frames per second. While checking these pictures at home I found these images giving me the answer.
He was perfectly fine before he reaches to this bush on bank.
When he reaches to close to this bush a small stick / branch touches his left cheek. Instantly his facial expression changes to grimace. 
So one can clearly see his concern about the twig touching his face in these pictures. 
I will say this could be the reason why they prefer to walk in open space. 

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