Sunday, March 31, 2013

Why Spotted Deer population dwindle so fast in Bandhavgarh.

Why Spotted Deer population dwindle so fast in Chakradhara and Rajbehra meadow of Bandhavgarh?
there are mainly two reasons for this.
1. Chainlink fence does not allow young Tigers to leave the area at the time when they should leave. Young tigers always prey more on fawn than adult animals. it is easier for them. This practice makes them perfect in skill but deer fawn pays a heavy price for that and their mother, Tigress, suffers in later stage. In Chakradhara, which is roughly of about 4 sq km, there is a female Tiger with her three cubs and a pair of adult leopards and a young sub adult male leopard are living at present. On top of this Shashi the dominant male also visits the area regularly and shares the meal with female and cubs. Lately more Sambhar kill are reported by Tigress in Chakradhara. It is only due to thin density of Spotted Deer population in the area. Now her cubs are about 18 months old so she is going to dump them soon. Again these cubs will share their mothers territory for sometime and prey base will dwindled more. we know that tigress do dump their cubs. A tigress use to make 2-3 kills in a row far far away from territory. Later she will take her cubs there to leave them alone. That's how three females once formed their territory around their mother.   
2. Due to Chainlink fence Leopards are confined to a smaller area and their population density is higher than before. They are preying on same kind of wild animals on which Tigers survive. Leopard takes more fawn and females than male deer. So if in any area leopards are trapped in a Tiger territory than they can be held responsible for dwindling spotted deer numbers.
So no matter how much efforts are put to make the deer habitat better and better their population will never grow under the high density of Predators, who are forced to confine in a small area.

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