Sunday, December 23, 2012

Why Lakshmi got killed in Bandhavgarh??

Lakshmi, was the daughter of Pyari from her second litter born in April 2002. She formed her territory next to her mother in a thin long strip of forest from Judwani - Jamunia to Chorbehra - Dhobiakhol - Thauni with some part of Chakradhara meadow. Chakradhara was owned by her mother so they had a very quite understanding about the area they posses. There is no record of any fight between them was ever recorded.
At one time when Pyari and Durga's movement were restricted in to a small area of their territory, Lakshmi claimed a good chunk of forest from their territories.
Lakshmi never had good prey base in her area. Often she use to leap over the fence to look for some easy prey in village area. In one of these outings she got her hind leg caught in fence and pulled the muscle very badly. After this incident she was never able to put her weight on this leg and limped for rest of her life.
Once her mother left the area and a new young tigress came in she started facing more challenge in her territory. By this time she herself was finding it difficult to feed her cubs or feed herself regularly on natural prey. Park authorities knew this fact very well. So they started feeding her on live bait. Tourism drivers knew this fact very well. Sometime when they were under heavy pressure of finding a tiger for their tourists some of them sneak to Judwani to have a quick glimpse of tigers. Often Lakshmi with her cubs was sitting near Judwani pool with a gifted meal.
When this new tigress started exploring the area she found this spot too where she could see Lakshmi enjoying her meals. She must have imagined this area as a very rich in prey base without knowing that all these meals are not earned by Lakshmi but gifted.
She started chasing Lakshmi. 
Most of their encounters took place in Chorbehra. Lakshmi could have come out as winner if she would have had the strength to hold herself for few more minutes on her hind legs. She got a very good grip on the face of this intruder tigress but because she was almost disabled from her one hind leg she may not had the power to hold the fatal grip for long enough to win the battle. Without getting herself injured Lakshmi injured her very badly on the face. One of Lakshmi's right top canine almost punctured her left eye. A big wound near the eye and another canine wound on right nostril made her bleed for months. Luckily no maggots were formed in these two open wounds.
Fierce fighting on few occasions set their rivalry strong. Now this intruder was always looking for Lakshmi. Lakshmi started keeping her cubs away from Judwani Chorbehra area. She found a safe and secluded pool before Thauni near main road Siddhbaba but hunger often brought her back to Judwani for free meal.
On one of these occasions when she came to check the free meal instead she found the intruder on road. She ran towards hill for safety but not for long. She was attacked from the back and that evening the intruder win the battle for good.
Cannibalism is reported in tigers. Most of Lakshmi's body was eaten by this intruder. Domestic cats eat their dead babies or first time mother cat often eats their babies in confusion or pain. A small piece of Lakshmi's hind leg portion ascertain her identity.
Intruder is now known as Vijaya means Victorious.   



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