Friday, December 21, 2012

Vijya's cubs

Our first sighting of Vijya's cubs was on 17th December.
Some tourists saw them in the morning around Badi Gufa. As usual we entered the park late. We were not in a hurry so we were literally going very slow. We checked Gopalpur where not a single Lapwing was sighted. We did not met any other jeep in the park so far. Jungle looked very quite. No alarm call of any sort. It was Kay who called first Tiger, and there we saw a cub running crossing the road about 200 meters away from us. 

When we stopped she suddenly said there is another one drinking. Now we had enough time to park at appropriate place. The cub who ran away was V2 and his other sibling V1 was busy drinking from a smallest dirty puddle. When we checked this puddle there was hardly a liter water was left. He drank for about solid ten minutes then stroll back slowly in the forest to join his other siblings.

Two days later we were visiting Magadhi zone when Premlal Guide brought some pictures of these cubs to be uploaded on Tiger Nation. We had another entry ticket for Tala zone for 21st Dec morning As per our allocated route we were suppose to reach Sheshshaiyya in the last lag of our route. Jeeps met us at Rampur hill told us the story of another good sighting of these cubs at Sheshshaiyya. Another jeep at Ganesh Pahadi showed us the spot at Sheshshaiyya. 

We found these cubs walking on hill slope. V2 who ran away on other day was playing with his sister today.

They were sitting very close to the road so other jeeps a head of us on road had better view of these cubs playing.
At last word reached to the forest department about these cubs near the road so Rapid Action Vehicle came for their rescue?? 


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