Monday, May 14, 2012

Yoshila lost her third cub.

This is the case of high tiger density and poor prey base in the area. She lost her second cub on 12th March 2012 night on the dispute over a cattle kill and this one got killed on a Sambar kill on 9th May.
My brother Hariom was in the park that morning and he brought the news that a tiger cub is found dead in Sukhi Patiya area. He photographed a cub on 7th evening. Next day he photographed Blue Eyed. Some tourist saw a Tiger sitting behind the bamboo, barely they could see some stripes, Forest labour checked and they saw a Tiger sitting so they ran for their life. 
On 12th Morning Elephant people found an carcass, half of the body was already eaten, remaining body fermented due to heat. It was difficult to find any stripe for identification. Maggots were dropping. they were already about a cm long. 
Yoshila had three cubs in her first litter. One female and two male. Female disappeared in last monsoon, one male got killed in March and second one in May. So this is what happens in nature.


वन्दना अवस्थी दुबे said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh.............:( :( :(

Pierre Chéron said...

Please, can you give me some details ?

Who is Yoshila ? (her mother and father).
How old she has ?
What is the date of birth of this first litter ?

Best regards.