Thursday, June 2, 2011

Joy and sorrow of Journey in Indian Train.

Why I have to write about my train journey's? I asked this question to myself and answer is that I must write about the co-passengers behavior in the train.
I started my journey on Veraval express from Jabalpur.
Now I hate travelling in third a/c but its difficult to get the ticket on Tatkal in 2nd a/c. By the time server was connected 2nd a/c tkts were gone and so the only option was 3rd a/c.
The moment I put my bag to claim my seat I was requested to take upper berth. I found that behaviour very rude and refused. Minimum that passenger should have had some patience to let me sit down and then ask me what he wanted.
Opposite to my berth was a family with two young kids age 1 and four. Granny asked her daughter to feed those kids so the moment train rolled out of the station she started feeding them forcibly.
At Narsinghpur I went to get a cup of tea from the platform and when i came back I saw older child sitting vomiting.
We all asked that lady to clean up. Very reluctantly she cleaned it but was not very happy doing it in train.
God knows why she was feeling ashamed of doing it.
Everyone just gone quite and no one spoke to them for rest of the journey. Best part of this journey was that everyone slept quietly.
But my journey back home from Rajkot was not that quite.
My tkt was RAC no 1 means I have a secured sitting seat on side bunk of the compartment.
Two RAC paasengars are accommodated on side lower bunk. When another passenger came he did not had any idea about the RAC and he argued with me to vacate the seat. I could not convince him so I asked him to wait till the train conductor comes.
He was told by the train conductor what the rules are.

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