Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Female cub killed by another Tiger

A female cub was killed by some other tiger in the night of 10-11 june. Forest Guards at Machkheta says they heard some tiger fighting in middle of night. Tourists saw some pugmarks of Tiger and drag mark on road. They found the tiger by following those drag marks.
She was bitten on her chest and right armpit. A portion of her body was eaten. Her intestines were out and all over her body.
Question is who killed her?
A female Tiger killed her or the male or its the dispute over a tiny kill with her brothers?
Her stomach was empty and full of worms.
In January this year I saw a tigress in Ghorademon. Everyone thought this is a new tigress in this area. But when Kay checked my photos she found that its Tulsi, Mirchhani female.
So whats she doing here. Far far away from her territory?
Has B2 become useless to serve her? Is she looking for a mate here?
Yes, later on she was seen mating with Shashi, Bamera boy, in Feb and March on Rampur road.
There was another female (Wakeeta's sister) seen by us but only once or twice in the season. So where she moved?
So many questions always remain unanswered by us. That's the problem in the jungle now, can't cover an entire stretch in one park round.

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