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While writing the Conservation history of Bandhavgarh national park i found some interesting facts.
The peak time of Bandhavgarh has passed courtesy chain link fencing, human population growth on periphery, suttle climate change i.e lack of rain fall, and lack of long term Management plan.
Bandhavgarh started with zero Tiger, Spotted Deer and Leopard population. 1969 census done by Park people shows record of Sambhar, Muntjac, wild boar, chinkra , Neelgai and one leopard near Tala village.
Person who is responsible for creating 9 National Parks and 31 Sanctuaries in Madhya Pradesh told me personally that even Gaur came after 72-73 in this area.
When first tiger was sighted in Bandhavgarh sometime in 73 frantic phone calls were made to Bhopal. Bait him was the answer to the question of how to keep him in National Park boundary.
On the tunes of Kanha a regular baiting on every saturday was started here but that time there was no elephants here to show it to the tourist and this tiger also did not took those baits as often as they were offered.
This tiger must have come from Khitauli area which was a good Hunting block till 1971. Late Mr Amar Singh told me personally in presence of Late Ajay Kumar Reddy that When 7 Tigers were shot in Khitauli not a single tiger use to be seen in Tala shikargah. This was confirmed by that time CF and CCF also.
To Know more about what happened in this park please wait for my book.
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