Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Lakshmi was killed by Vijya, daughter of Durga. Guides saw Lakshmi going towards Judwani on 3rd morning and Vijya was seen moving i same direction on 3rd Evening. Later guides heard fighting noise.
Her body was found on 5th Morning, half eaten by Vijaya and Vultures.
Her both the cubs are fine. We saw them killing and eating a porcupine and later they killed a cow. didn't see them since last two days but their pugmarks were seen.
Mirch-hani cubs were seen yesterday afternoon and again today.In size male cubs are bigger than their mother.
Ken must b thinking why i dont write here. To tell you the truth I hardly get any time, barely can check my email.
Will write soon more.

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Chris Prestegard said...

This is a very tragic loss. I'm sorry that you are so busy as you do a great job of sharing your love for tigers, Bandhavgarh and Tala. Thank you for your effort and insights. It's very appreciated. Chris www.wildliferhythms.com