Monday, January 10, 2011

Tiger Tourism

I am going to jungle since last 4 days and have seen tigers few times but none of the sightings were great for any kind of Photography.
Yesterday we were chasing B2's pugmarks in Ghorademon but after few kilometres we realised that he was well gone before we could realise.
Later we came back to Ghorademon gorge to hear the alarm calls from Vulture Nest junction. About 10-15 Spotted Deers were giving alarm call. We could see them wagly.
I think that was a female who was moving on the road at about 0800 AM and no vehicles to follow.
It was very tempting but I resist and stayed where I should.
Then guide started telling me the story that how many peoples have done that in the past. All the big names came under his list. All those people who claim big and honest on the internet were exposed in-front of me.
Best example of these people came from one of our friend when he was staying with his group in one of the posh lodge and Naturalist / driver took them off the route on a banned route to show them tiger cubs on a tree.
Great we didn't do that yesterday for a tiny little sighting and today our clients had a great sighting for more than an hour by themselves.
It does pays itself.

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