Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tiger Situation in Tala zone

Tiger density in Tala zone is all time high or just normal as it is since last few yrs in Tala range.
Tala zone is now of about 70 Sq km and it has these many tigers.
Three male Tigers but they are more or less using this area only for few days in a week. So Tala zone is only a part of their teritory. One sub-adult male is permanant resident in Tala zone.
There are 7 tigresses with their 12 sub-adult cubs. Out of these only two tigresses are using Tala zone only and rest visits the other areas also with their cubs.
So an area of only 70 sq km is explored by 11 adult tigers and 12 sub-adult tigers. The food requirement of these sub-adult Tigers is almost as good as of an adult. They all are 15 months + old and equivalant to their mother in size.
23 Tigers are looking for prey in a 70 sq km area.
Is there enough prey for them??
No no one has time to think about it. Lets count the Tiger numbers and feel happy??


Imtiaz said...

As you said, everyone is behind Tiger numbers...Not at all concerned about the park...Its sad to see most of the tigers spend there time outside the park...

Can't we have a center for Prey base breeding, which can be left in the park in a timely manner, till we solve the issue

Lakshmi + 2
Mahaman + 4
Rajbhera Sub-Adult Male
Mirchani + 3

Total 19 tigers....I'm missing 6 tigers...

Bandhavgarh said...

Actually u r missing five only. i did mistake in counting. there are 12 cubs.A female comes from SUKHI Patiya area with her three cubs uptill Kannoji, Rajbehra, Bathaan area so these are four and one more male thats not confirmed but seen by some guides in Bathaan area so total 24.
thanks for calculation.