Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I have not been in the jungle since last few weeks. But regulaly getting news about Tiger sighting and other activities in the jungle through Guides and younger Brother Hariom
today Guides and Gypsy owners went on strike so no one Gypsy vehicle entered the park but forest department allowe some diesel vehicles in the park.
1. Guides told me that few days back a Park Ranger abused Guides and Drivers publicly at Hardia. Later on Deputy Director and others has to say sorry to guides. This kind of behaviour is not expected from the forest department side.
I will write on this subject more once I talk to guides and all to know the exact story.
Now park authorities are uprooting the Fern from Chakradhara meadow.
Thanks God.
I was asking for this since last ten years. it is a real surprise that How come the present Director saw it after three years that this work needs to be done.
I have stopped talking about the park except writing here that too for my own record. Park is not my personnal property so why should i be worried. Secondly I have withdrawn myself from all conservation activities. why should i bare these responsibilities for nothing. there are many other people here in Tala who gets more affected than me from this so why should I be worried.
I will say I had enough of this Tiger and Habitat conservation bullshit and dont want to bare this worry any more.
Worries for survival are more important than this.
satyendra 10th Dec 2008

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