Monday, December 8, 2008


We are very much far behind to this technological world. Everyone asked us about our blog and we had no clue how to start it. Atlast we are there.
We spent last three weeks in Bhopal and Mumbai chasing Hospital Technicians. Came back to Home oly to get some fresh air in our lungs so they have some energy to fight back to that horrid atmosphere of Mumbai.
In last three weeks a lot is happened in Bandhavgarh.
A man got eaten by a Tiger in Gohni-mardari area. We requested Field Director if he could provde us the photograph of this Tiger so we could Identify him through our photographs.
What we got from that it looks as this is Chorbehra male cub of Laxmis first litter. Age 3yrs +.
He is sent to bhopal zoo yesterday as I am told by forest staff.
A good looking Tiger is gone. He was photographers first choice. Mine was because I dont photograph aggressive behaviour of Tiger and he has never shown any sign of it in his life at Bandhavgarh.
i know many people who will miss his presence here. For them their Swampy/Boy/L1/ Chabanha is gone.
I hope they have taken the right animal.
In my next post I will write my impression about him.
Enjoy reading.

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