Friday, March 3, 2017

Morning was cooler than last morning. Although sky was clear and birds were very chirpy at the time we were entering the park.
Within minutes of entering the park ten jeeps ahead of us ignored a Sambhar family but 11th jeep wanted to photograph them so we also ignored SAMBHAR in that dark forest. We were 12th.
As luck favours only to them who keeps their eyes and ears open in the jungle the Tenth jeep saw a Tigress walking in the jungle while others were busy watching pugmarks on the road. Here we also had a glimpse of Trya melting in Sal forest near Kanoji fireline.
She was walking towards waterhole but the trackers never allowed her to come out to have a drink.
There was no jeep except us and these two man on foot heard her growling, Deer and monkey were giving alarm call hardly 30 meters from the road but after seeing people walking on road she never came out.
They cleaned the water hole and left.
We spent next 30 minutes waiting for her and when we heard an alarm call from deep in the forest we knew she is moving to other waterhole.
By this time it was 0837.
We moved towards Sehra to look for some better Sambhar and Deer which we ignored in the morning.
At top of the meadow we heard an alarm call and thought this must be Jaya or her boys sleeping in the forest.
Suddenly guide saw some movement in the grass and next thing everyone saw was a Tiger.
She was gentle and so the we. Gave her lot of space to cross the road twice and then for next thirty minutes she walked along the hill.
It was Crumb who made our day.

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