Monday, August 10, 2015

House turning in to a Home.

Not only me but many of my friends never had enough money to buy a house in any city and even at times some of us did not had even money to buy the land in rural areas.
All of us were very scared of bank loan too.
I bought land, on which we live, very late in my life and even then we did not had enough money to finish the construction work at once.
In those days I use to say When you don't have money construction keep on going.
I have my own joy and sorrow of living on this land but when my friends visit my place they become jealous of the life we live.
If that's the case then I will suggest that people should buy some piece of land in Rural India and develop it bit by bit.
We are living on this land since last 17 yrs and still planting trees. Since last two years we are having very good crop of Pomegranate and now I regret that why I did not planted more.
My Cheeku plantation failed because I don't think it's suitable to this area.
Oranges are good and so the Lemons.
If Orange gives fruit as our Lemon plants does then we may not need to buy any orange Juice ever.
We failed to use all our lemon crop. Even after feeding 8 families, for their yearly supply of Lemon Squash and pickle, we waste a lot.
So my dear friends if you have money even to buy a smallest piece of land in Rural India buy it immediately because by the time you retire that land may become a destination for your holidays.

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Unknown said...

Lovely, how beautifully you have described one does not need materialistic things to find joy. God willing, would love to lead such simple life.