Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A female cub died in enclosure, Bandhavgarh.

Lakshmi's daughter L2 moved to Panpatha range and her brother moved in completely opposite direction to her towards Gohni. They both ate a women in their childhood and similar things they did in their adult hood. L1 sent to Bhopal Zoo and L2 died of poisoning. At the time of her death she three cubs of about 6 months old. These cubs were shifted to an enclosure near Sukhi Patiya. They were in an individual enclosure which have sufficient water and forest. Even enclosure itself is huge.
Why she died is very difficult to say. No injury marks were reported on her body. Only postmortem report will tell the exact cause of her death.
Loss of this tigress is no loss in actual sense. There was no plan to release her in wild in near future so chances of her free range breeding were minimal and no one wants to breed Tigers in Zoo.
I am reading reports in newspapers about ill treatment of this tigress by forest department and laughing. 

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Imtiaz said...

It's sad to hear about the loss. If FD had no plan to release the cubs in the forest, why did they raise them in enclosure. I felt they should be given a chance to fend for themselves in forest at a early age, rather than in enclosure or sending them to zoo.