Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sambar in Chakradhara Bandhavgarh.

Last month when Mr Choudhary said that kankati kills more Sambar than Spotted Deer, I did not believe it. Day before yesterday afternoon when we enter the park we saw more than 40 Sambar in Chakradhara meadow from Siddhbaba temple to Watchtower junction.
How come Sambar population has gone so high in this area?
We had to see the territory chart of Chakradhara meadow.
There was no resident Tiger in chakradhara since Pyari left. So for almost two years there was no tiger hunting there. This made Leopard population grow and tourists witness a very good sighting here. These leopards were preying more or solely on Spotted Deer. This made Sambar population grow.
Most of the time Vijya also kept her cubs on fort hill. This made two male Leopard stay in Chakradhara. So when Vijya came back to Chakradhara she found killing Sambar easier than Spotted Deer. A bulky animal is always slower than lighter one.
These three adult Leopards are the main reason of depleted spotted deer population in Chakradhara.      

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