Sunday, July 10, 2011

Tulsi's cubs to Van Vihar Bhopal

People gets sentimental with Tigers. Shifting of these two animals is a very right decision.
After this incident don't you think that villagers would have taken the revenge on any cattle kill?
People have not witnessed the mob attack that night? Experience it and than think what is the best in favour of those two Tigers. Seeing them dead / missing or rescuing them from this situation.
One still wonders that why a department should take the responsibility of a persons act who is on leave and that too when this incident happened outside of his work field. But in good faith and for the future of the Tigers department does all the help what they can do in good faith.
Otherwise here were the option?
As this case took place outside of the park boundary department would have said that this is a case that should be dealt by regular forest or police as its not in our jurisdiction.

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