Monday, November 1, 2010

P10 aka Shashi

Yesterday everyone saw Lakshmi and her cubs. It was very early in the morning, people had some good portraits except me as I didn't took my camera to the jungle. I think I didnt miss anything as I already have similar or better close up of tigers.

Today we saw P10 AKA Shashi.

It was a fantastic sighting. We saw him late in the morning. Infact we were looking for a classic Spider web and he appeared. We followed him for more than an hour. No jeep in sight was another advantage. My two clients were using 500 and 600 mm Nikon lenses so we gave him enough space to do what he wanted to do. Lots and lots of behaviour shots. Spray, sniffing the tree, clawing the tree, climbing on the tree, licking the tree, chewing tree bark, eating bamboo leaves were the main pictures.

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