Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My purpose of going to Pachmarhi was to look for Pachmarhi Bush Brown and Fulvous Pied Flat butterflies. Shailesh and I started our journey from Jabalpur in his Maruti 800 car. We did this last year too. I did not see a single butterfly on the roadside up till Piparia and then it went dark. Pesticides on soyabean and sugar cane crop has killed most of the butterflies. Mobile phone towers are killing Honey Bees. Farmers killing butterflies and birds then who is pollinating their crop?? This could be a major issue in next few years time. So far no one has done any scientific research on this issue. Is this partially responsible for farmers sucide??

Any way, let me tell you what I want to.

We hired a Gypsy to visit major butterfly / tourist spots. Bee fall and Rajat Prapat did not produce a single butterfly. These places could have been productive on a sunny day. Butterflies dont move in rain. Surprisingly I did not see a single Bush Brown of any sort around any of the lodges. Rain disrupt our plan.

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