Monday, May 4, 2009

Tiger Cub Incident

I am advised by my Lawyer that i should not talk about this case as it is in court of Law.
It is pitty that I am not allowed to defend myself from all those rumours and reports in the media.
Time will come when I will let you know the other side of the story.
I thank all those people who have offered their support. Many of them were completely unknown person to me.
For myself, my wife Kay, my family members, my nieces and my guests this was a difficult time.
Once again I appreciate all your support.
thanking you all.


shehla Masood said...

waiting to hear a lott from u

Manoj said...

Given that the tiger cub died under the wheels of the gypsy owned by your resort, I am not sure as to what your side of the story would be. Given that you are running a wild life tourism activity, I would have expected more understanding on the wildlife behavior so that you do not get into these situations

Neil said...

its easy to comment without knowing the truth...may justice prevail

Avinash Upadhyay said...

I have been reading your blog for quite some time. Also, I have been a frequent visitor to Bandhavgarh but have never met you since I prefer staying at MPTC White Tiger resort because the excellent services of Ramashankar Yadav are available that way.

I do not think that a person who writes about the denizens of jungle with such sensitivity can be involved in any wrongdoing. It seems next to impossible.

I hope you come out of this unscathed. I hope that the truth about the cub comes out quite clear so that you never have to give any explanation ever to anybody.

Avinash Upadhyay

I hope you get out of this. I have seen your behavior in the are pretty calm and peaceful. Not sure what happened here....
I've read your blogs and obtained a great insight into Bandhavgarh and the way things work there. Keep on writing.
Good Luck !

caregiver7careseeker said...

Hi Mr Satyendra,

I am sorry for all the pain that you have suffered in this recent debacle.

Hope to be of support if possible.



The fact is that the chakradhara cub died under your vehicle. Whatever you experience is, it was not enough to avoid this accident. Of course we all would like to know you side of the history, but I have been in Bandhavgarh and I saw the frenzy of drivers to position the jeeps when a tiger is sighted. Honestly, I should say that they are not the kind of people I would call "clever". Then if you could not see that the tiger cubs were beneath your car and you relied on the other drivers advices to tell you if the cubs were already gone you made a mistake, you should not have trusted so much in the other jeeps crews. In the Masai Mara in Kenya/Africa, if a cheetah or lion cub/sub-adult goes under the jeep, you cannot even start the engine, the park rules says that you must stay parked until the animal goes away, and you can call the rangers to help you. So what could be done in Bandhavgarh that was not done?