Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Mother

My last two posts raised the question about fence and last week Lakshmi killed Pancham in Tala village. Infact it was not tigers fault. What was the need for him to move in to that direction when he knew the presence of three tigers in the field and whole village watching this drama.
Normally I sleep with my mobile phone off but on 11th evening probably i forgot to turn it off. On 12th morning at 0413, Omhari my youngest brother called, to say Bai had a blood vomit you start soon. He was crying. I knew its all over for her. I rang back to him asking her condition. This time call was received by younger brother Devendra saying we have just come back from hospital and it is all over. Come soon.
I went to Hariom's room to tell him this news. He knew it by then.
She spent her last day happily talking with family and friends and was busy till 10PM. Had a glass of milk before going to bed. At 4 AM she called Omhari saying she is feeling sick and may vomit. By the time he comes to her room she already vomit blood. He supported her, she vomit 2-3 times again in succession.
We all are shattered by her death.
We were not expecting her to die so early.
Only sickness she had was her kneee problem and some blood pressure.
Yes she was over weight but at the age of 80 we couldn't do any thing to her weight.
We know that she had a very lonely life after my fathers death in 1974. She never let us feel poor even when we were very poor. We all miss her.
If the beleifs are true then she is united with her beloved Husband.