Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Chainlink Fencing and Tigers of Bandhavgarh

There is no proper research is being done on usefulness of Chain link Fencing around the parks.

Forest department officials claim is that it stops cattle entering the park. I say what harm it makes when that provides prey base for Carnivores.

I oppose it for two reasons.

It blocks corridor for Tigers and other wildlife.

It let young Tigers to stay with their mother or in their mothers territory more than what they should. i.e. Pyari's 4 cubs from her last litter stayed for 3 1/2 years in their mothers territory and diminished the prey base in Chakradhara meadow area.

Chakradhara female left her area with her present three cubs in Jan 2010 and came back during monsoon for few weeks and left again around Janmashtami.

She is not back since but now her territory is being taken over by Vijaya aka Kankati. In last 40 days Vijaya is seen at Sitamandap junction, Barua Naala, Jamunia, Near Tala entrance Gate, behind M P Tourism in river, Chorbehra, Dhobiakhol, main road Siddhbaba, Dudwa Fireline, entire chakradhara, Badi Gufa, KHIDKI and Ghodademon road.

This use to be the territory of Pyari and Laxmi both. Now Vijaya is pushing Laxmi more towards Judwani, Ketkiya - Bhitri area.

Other thing what she will do is that she will deminish the remaining prey of the area.

Laxmi's cubs have already started chasing fawns. So soon they will start hunting for themselves and most of the new fawns will be gone.

What use to happen before??

Before Tigers from Chakradhara use to go out prey on deers and cattle out of the park.

Now fencing stops them from going outside and deers outside of park are disappearing fast.

I dont understand that why we dont work according to Govt rules laid out for wildlife conservation. Pay Cattle compensation. We were paying them before and paying them today then whats the need of erecting a fence.

People were living happily with Tigers and even with more tigers in Raj period. Only our political system changed their mentality and made them more lazy. Now for each and every thing farmers looks at subsidy. They dont want to do any improvement work without subsidy either it is buying a tractor or digging a well.

Laxmi injured her leg in this Chain link fence. Another male tiger was seen and photographed with a wire struck in his pad.

I have seen many different Tigers walking along the fence in Bandhavgarh.

I wonder how many NGO's are supporting Chain link fencing?? Do they know the result of their act??

Just day before yesterday I was told by a NGO man that Lodges who run NGO does work only to keep a good relationship with park authorities so their lodge could run smoothly.

Aims looks far far away from wildlife.

Just think on this. With number of vehicles in each park in the country the poaching should have been stopped. Did it??

And they are still getting / demanding more vehicles.


Manjunath Krishnamurthy said...

Cainlinking around the park only makes it a zoo rather than natural habitat..

Koustubh said...

Very very good point ST! Hundreds of animals get injured or even die thanks to these virtually invisible chainlinks... There should not be any chainlink anywhere upto 5 km within PA boundary...

avijit said...

Sir ji,
i don't support too! can you pl update on KAlua? he has bn missing fr a long time!!!

Bandhavgarh said...

i have not seen him in tourism zone since 30th october this year.

sajid said...

i am glad to read these many intersting facts, 26th dec 10 langdi made her kil very close to the nulla behind Maharaja lodge unfortunatly this was a cattle she killed , and after the information when forest pepole came into action villagers had already surrounded her where one drunk man was mauled by her but we know every one will blame langdi though its not her fault she is limping because of these fence,& i am worried for kalua too. can w do somthing to help these tigers please suggst

sajid said...

hi! this is sajid again , I am happy to inform you that "Langdi" with her cubs has returned to the jungle which took couple of tiring day.

Bandhavgarh said...

Thanks Sajid ji,
I live in Bandhavgarh and was there when she entered the park on 28th Afternoon.

sajid said...

hi mr satyandra saturday evening all of us had great sighting of big and grand bamera male , I was glad to see you. hope to see you on my next visit

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