Thursday, March 19, 2009

Grassland burning in Kaziranga, Assam

Rhino lives mainly in marshy grassland. In summer months often they are seen in or near water.

Our most of the sighting of Rhino were near water.We never saw them wallowing or playing in water. Park authorities dont send Gunmen with Indian tourist but it is must for every vehicl with foreign tourist. One Guard told me that Indian tourist dont stop like foreigner near Rhino so they are safe. We saw Grasslands burning. It was nice for photo but not for other creatures. I found Kaziranga very poor for butterflies and all other ground nesting birds. Peacocks are not found in Kaziranga. Park timings are odd. Visitors are allowed only at 0730 AM. 2 hours of morning light is wasted. We found sunlight at 0730 very strong for photography. Park should be open 30 minutes before sunrise and to make the better use of tourism all the roads of the park should be open to tourism. Not a great day for photography. Our guide use to imitate Rhino noise to call them closer and this irritate us badly so I had to tell him about the feelings of group members.


Akhand said...

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