Sunday, December 21, 2008


Two Tigresses going to be translocated from Bandhavgarh to Panna.
Everyone is feeling very happy about this. This will save Panna?? Is there any guarantee that these tigresses will not have similar fate as their cousins in Panna??
Why people dont want to know the reasons of skewed population of Tigers in Panna??
These Tigers should not be translocated to Panna until unless public knows the real fact of Panna Tigers??
Is there any chance in this country to make Forest Department accountable for their acts and duty. Now today I read in newspaper that only One Tiger is left in Panna but 5 months back there was a statement of CWLW Govt. Of M.P. that Panna has 24 Tigers. So what happened in last 5 months?? Where these tigers gone??
Will we see them speaking the plain truth in our lifetime.
I dont see many people who ask these questions to Forest Deptt in writing or verbal.
Some people do read this blog regularly and pass on the information to concerned people.
I do get phone call for my opinion expressed here but they dont support me openly. so I know in this kind of situation how one can expect any changes in the system. I dont see any future of these tigers in Panna but to prove myself right we have to see them translocating in Panna and disappearing.

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