Monday, December 8, 2008


I would like to raise another question Why forest department dont accept suggestions from researchers? Raghunandan Chundavat and Ulhas Karant are the best example of this.
how many ex IFS officers speak against their juniors in this country?
that is the one reason why everything was seen very good in Panna by every forest officer.
Why Tigers prefer tourism zone? I can explain this about Bandhavgarh.
Maximum Tigers are seen in Tala range of Bandhavgarh National Park. Other ranges of the park were opened for tourism last year. When we visited these ranges we found that they are not as good habitat as we thought. Our imagination was that these areas must be better than Tala range.
we knew that some thing is wrong somewhere from their Tiger census figure.
When forest deptt was counting 64 or 66 Tigers in Bandhavgarh we could see 28 out of them in 109 sq km of Tala range means rest of the ranges had only 38 tigers means less than ten tigers in each range.
Tala range is surrounded by human habitation. When undergrowth goes down the human disturbance increases and that forces all the tigers to go in that area where they see less people walking. That is Tourism Zone.
Due to this reason only Tiger sighting increases here after Nov-Dec.
Tala Range have two dominant mal Tigers B2 and Bokha / Shaki. B2 is 11 and half yrs old and Bokha few months younger than him. Till now we have not sen any other male Tiger challanging them in Tourism zone. Charger faced challanges from all the quarters and atlast his teritorry was shared by three siblings B1, B2 and B3.
Why they are not facing any challange? What is the position of other ranges?
Calm and quite life of B2 and Bokha tells the story.
None of the government is willing to control human population. In Tiger human conflict Man is always the winner.
So atlast all these forests are going to disappear under the pressure of human population.
We may not be here in next 50 years but this will be the case that time.
All these animals will survive in small isolated pockets of reserve forest where relocating will keep them alive for some time with no guarantee of the future.

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