Monday, October 14, 2019

Chinku aka Mangu

9th Feb 2019
This was the day when me and Kay were in the jungle and we reached to the spot, as most of the time we are the last to enter the park, people had already seen some tiger crossing the road twice.
But no one had any clue which Tiger it is except some Guides said for surety that it's a male.
People lose their patience very quickly in the jungle and sometimes Tigers do wait for the people to go away.
Patience rewarded and after about an hour we heard some leaves cracking and soon he appeared in that small opening in the forest.
It was Chinku aka Mangu.
Since last few weeks we were seeing some very unusual movements of male tigers in his territory.
Photos published on social media showed two different male moving in his territory, both young.
This day Chinku was restless and very alert. Looks ike he was expecting to face some other intruder.
He was not wrong.

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