Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bandhavgarh - Tiger population in core area.

First time I heard about Tiger density in Bandhavgarh was in 1979 and that time it was claimed that Bandhavgarh has highest density of tigers in India. 
This is true story that some Rangers who were sitting with me suddenly started counting Tigers in their range and starting laughing like mad.
That time Kisli and Kanha  range of Kanha national park had as many tigers as many were in Bandhavgarh but because they were a part of a National Park and here a Tala range itself was a National Park. 
That time total area of Bandhavgarh was only 105 sq km.
If you want to know tiger figures in this park then you have to find the papers written by other  than park officials or look for the films made in 80's and carefully hear the commentary.
What is happening now?
Tiger population in this park is at it's highest numbers.
This park does not have prey base to support these many tigers in the park boundary. 
Youngsters do not have a chance to survive in the park boundary so they move out to the area where there future is more uncertain than inside the park.
There are so many factors which worked negatively for the park and it's habitants in last few years.
Encroachment on forest land right next to the park boundary is one such case that has destroyed lots of corridor for wildlife.
In  present political scenario in the state and in the country wildlife do not have enough hope for their secured future.
People keep on talking about the tiger future and some times they start talking so seriously as it looks as tigers are going to disappear overnight but if you see the things properly then you will realise that most of them are talking for their own survival.
Their survival is attached to the shouting of Save the Tiger. 
Tigers future around here is very much safe. Poaching case  of Tigers has come down to almost zero in last few years. What you have heard was not the tiger poaching but it was unfortunate accident where tiger lands in a trap put for herbivores.
Tiger population is so good now that even any dominant male is not having a good time  in his own territory. Every year one or two new males are challenging him.
Bamera lost his territory at the peak of his age, Jobi lost most of  his territory to new young tigers.  
Blue Eye lost his territory even before he could sire a litter in his  area.
This whole new conflict of male is affecting the life of females too. Some of them are living in a dilemma, don't know who the master  is and this is the one reason why many of them are not getting pregnant quickly.
So  new season will have new secrets to reveal.
Let us see what happens to Tulsi? Will she lose her territory to new female or will secure a small little place for herself?
Wakeeta will be elusive again. Poor girl have  very poor territory.
Chakradhara is still empty (june 2015), ownership of Chorbehra - Dhobiakhol is still unknown.
So let us see what happens this year.
Last year was very poor as far as tiger sighting was concerned.

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