Friday, February 14, 2014

Bandhavgarh National Park.

Criticizing the park authorities is not my aim but I just wants to put here on record that how our system works now. Orders are passed from top to bottom and by the time it reaches to working staff the whole aim of that work is lost. Person who is controlling the labour has got his own idea of working. See this newly made waterhole this October. Forest guard knows only one language of the earth work that it should be measurable so he put the edges straight upright. Now how the animals will come for a drink is not his headache. Most of the time it happens because of lack of supervision in field.
Similar thing happens at the time of fire line cutting. Fire lines are decreasing in numbers and getting narrower and narrower. Fire line is a very important tool and it should be used widely. 

Shashi aka Bamera was out yesterday and he was out till this afternoon. There is nothing new or wrong for a Tiger to be out of the park but when they make cattle kill constantly then it becomes a worry. 
Whole of this country agreed with that demand that Tiger population should be double by 2020. No one provided any answers of few questions related to this tiger population growth. Do we have enough space to accommodate that many Tiger? Even if we have space do we have enough prey base for these Tigers? Look at the condition of our major National Parks Kanha and Bandhavgarh in M.P. 
Kanha Tiger population is always questionable since last 5-6 years and prey base density in Bandhavgarh is always low. If you dont agree with this point then please tell me that why most of the Tigers in Tala zone does cattle kills regularly? 
This picture was taken yesterday when Shashi killed a cattle in that house last night in village Sarai. Chain link fence has proved useless to stop the Tiger from going out of the park. In my opinion Chain link fence should be removed immediately. It blocks corridor. Govt is spending so much money in protecting the corridor then why we are blocking them from using the corridor. There is a faint chance but it's possible that Tigers can move in to Sanjay National Park naturally through this thin corridor. I just heard that Pench is willing to spare 5000 Spotted Deer. This opportunity should be grabbed by Bandhavgarh. This will solve some problem here. 
Wildlife Protection Act needs to be re written completely. It's written with lots of sentiments. That law hardly gives any chance to do any research work in the field or do some proper habitat management. As far as I know people are very scared of cutting a tree from grassland or doing something else.

Most of the small grassland meadows are taken over by Bamboo or Ghriya / Bhirra / Choroxylon swietenia. Many open places I knew in Bandhavgarh are taken over by these. These should be removed to provide more space to herbivores. 

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