Monday, June 3, 2013

Tigress died in enclosure, Bandhavgarh.

There is so much unnecessary fuss people made about this tigress death in enclosure that it became a complete joke. These so called keyboard warriors needs to come and work in the field to understand the working system. There are three enclosures in which these three siblings are put. Each enclosure is as big as Bhopal Van Vihar enclosures for the Tigers. When I went to see that tigress in that enclosure it took me about ten minutes drive to reach the spot by gypsy. So it's quite big more than 4-5 hectares. It's complete forest and the place where postmortem was conducted it was under a tree where they put a 15x15 feet polythene sheet under shade and all the staff was standing around in shade. There were quite a few trees like that in that compound. I heard people talking about water situation in that enclosure. I don't know how they got the idea that she did not had enough water. Do people know that those saucers are automatically filled everyday by solar pump. I thought to put all this immediately on my blog then I thought that why should I drag myself in this controversy of all lies. What I was told by the staff that they gave her a live bat one day, next day evening staff saw the bat moving around in the compound. He informed his superiors in the evening so they need to get elephant first to enter the enclosure to look for her. Next morning they entered the park on elephant back and they found her dead.
Rest is the story. With all this hue and cry responsible people just wants to act immediately and in that action a Ranger and a enclosure in-charge beat guard got suspended.
These are the departmental actions so I don't talk about that.
People are talking about rotten meat is served to them. I tried to confirm it with different sources and everyone confirmed me that this is a complete lie. They were given live bat all the time. 
On 30th May I was in the park and enjoying the elephant ride in the morning. We along with few jeep tourists saw Jaya tigress walking on road for few meters then suddenly she turned right, walked along the hillock, picked up an old carcass and walked away. We saw it from the road but when we took our elephant there we could not find her. So she went to eat that meat in peace. I asked the Mahavat to check the spot, there we found a rotten piece of meat filled with maggots so that carcass she took must have been covered with maggots. So eating rotten meat is in their general habit of their life.

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