Friday, April 5, 2013

Tiger mating

Recently some Mahavats and guide Drivers reported that they have seen Sukhi Patiya female, present cubs are about a year old, with a male Tiger, and probably they were mating. Their presumption on this issue came from the noise they heard from the bush. 
Magadhi zone of Bandhavgarh National Park is very unstable area as far as the Tiger situation is concerned. There are only two female, that's what we think after seeing all the photographs of all the females seen in that area. But there are more than 2 male tigers are moving and probably a third one too.
When a new male moves in to any area he tries to over power female by literally pushing her physically. Mahavats and tourist vehicles did not see them actually mating but saw them laying or sitting close by. 

Once we heard the similar story and luckily we got the chance to witness this from an elephant back. A young male Tiger appeared i the area and found a female. He was simply following the female and did not let her go. Every time she moves he tries to stop her. But did not tried to mate. When he tried to stop the female they both growl at each other and this noise gave the impression of a mating to Guides and Drivers.
In domestic cats when hormone kicks up of a young male he tries to mate with female by literally over powering it. He cant make any real thing happen but all his actions shows as he is really mating. Female makes lots of noise to get rid of his clutches but because he is holding her from back of neck so she cant get away.

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