Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Somehow I am not able to write posts in time, feel sorry for that.
So next season Bandhavgarh will have a tigress with young cubs. She has a very poor territory as others do. At this stage she should not be seen going outside of the park when her present litter is less than a month old. At this stage cats do not leave their litter for long.
We saw Wakeeta near Banbehi, moving towards park boundary. Her teats are showing the presence of her new litter.
This is the first litter of this Tigress sired by Shashi, Bamera male. Her sister was also present in the area till few months back. Where is she now is the question? Has she moved out out towards Pataur?? Time will tell? She should also have the cubs by now?
Who knows where they survive?
We still dont know where Kalua is gone? or his brother?
Where these tigers breed outside of the park?
Many unanswered questions?
Anyway Wakeeta has future to survive here in Bandhavgarh for few more years.

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