Saturday, July 24, 2010

Jabalpur-Bhopal via Hoshangabad.

I should have been in Bhopal on 14th but couldn't go there due to staff. Computer repair and plants were the two major jobs of this visit. Hariom dropped me at Umaria station to board the Ambikapur Jabalpur train. Very Good train for Jabalpur, hardly takes three and half hours to complete the journey. Kishan Pillai runs a Taxi now so I used his Taxi to go to SFRI and Other places.
Aristolochia was on top of my prioriy list. I found seven plants of it so I bought them all. Another plant was Stevia. I love it. Question is How long I will be able to save it from leaf tasters. It is sweet, bloody sweet.
Bhopal was wet, moving on scooter was difficult. Ajeet dropped me at the station. I was amazed that they allow him to drive car in night. Train journey was good, I slept all the way through uptill Madan Mahal.
Best thing I saw was Baya nesting in a well. Hardly 15 feet from the ground one can see about 12 nests in process of completition. Male trying to attract female through the display on their cup shaped nest. I didn't took my camera with me so cant show any photos but soon I will try to get it done.
Pyari is back in Chakradhara with her cubs after spending more than five months in Dobha forest.


Intu.... said...

Happy and excited to hear that Pyari is back to the chakradhara...Missed it during our stay in summer :-) Hope she stays in chakradhara.... Any reason why she left chakradhara earlier?? Will it difficult for her to stay in chakradhara due to Bamera male

Bandhavgarh said...

sculleI am still not sure but I dont beleive in that theory that she left because of this male. He is her son from previous litter, They both knows each other well. If he had pushed B2 from Chakradhara than she will accept the new dominant male of the area. Female dont leave the area because of a male?? I think she left the area to dump her cubs far away from her teritory but got struck or she left the area because of poor prey base?? Time will tell us. This is for sure that Chakradhara does not have enough prey to feed 8 tigers.