Monday, April 5, 2010

Bandhavgarh Tigers

I was replying to Mr Peter Dickinson's comment than I thought why not I reply it on blog few more things to tell. Yes u r right but why she has to move with cubs! If she has gone out to dump her cubs then why she is taking that much Time! Why she herself is not coming back in her teritory! Her last litter of cubs stayed with her up to the age of three and half years of age. Three cubs 2 male and one female left at the age of three and half yrs of age and one male came back to his motherland after a year. He is called Bamera male now. Now he is about 5 yrs 9 months old. We have seen her cubs staying in the same teritory more than normal and diminishing the prey base.
If she is the same tigress as Chakradhara female than it will be interesting to know the reason of her leaving the teritory.
Is it because of lack of prey base!
or she left this area to get rid of her cubs!
Can someone enlighten me on this, Do they go out of their teritory to dump their cubs!


Adam Dare said...

Surely the only way to protect tigers is to ensure that people around the Tiger Reserves have a real investment in their survival. Chain link fences cannot be the answer to human-tiger conflict. If the communities around the TRs were to form cooperatives to manage all the tiger tourism and the income that comes with it, then these communities will regulate the issues of tiger territories themselves. As long as villagers lose cattle and family members to tigers without receiving a benefit from tourism conflicts will ensue. Tigers cannot in the end win those conflicts. If the tiger-human conflict is not resolved the only Bengal tigers will be in zoos.

Bandhavgarh said...

In near future these so called National Parks will be big Zoo ( Glorified Safari Park) Just see the conditions of all the National Parks in Central India, None have any good forest cover left outside of the park. Some day another bomb will explode when people will hear the Actual Tiger figure of Kanha National Park.