Friday, October 9, 2009

New Park Rules in Bandhavgarh

A meeting was called by Park Authorities of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve on 7th October where according to the The Hitvada dt 9th October 2009 Jabalpur
" This meeting was attended by hotel owner, resort owner,guides, tour operators, park officials. From oct 17, the Park would be opened for tourists.
Now in Tala zone, Tiger Show would not be done on elephant safaris. It may be recalled that in meetng of park directors held at Ranthambhore in month of August. Park Director R.K.Patil has proposed of ending tiger show in the park so as to maintain distance between human and tiger. This proposal was approved and hence now from this tourist season tiger show would not be done in Tala region of Bandhavgarh National Park.
Due to the much density of Tigers in the region, Tourists can have ample opportunity to see tigers.
Similarly to last years vehicle owners visiting the National park will be able to seek registration by paying Rs 1000.
Further more, it was made mandatory for the owners to ensure that their vehicls are coloured in green with all vehicles to have seat as designed by the vehicle manufacturer company.
For ABCD zone of the park for which entry is from tala gate. only 45 vehicles would be permitted entry in a single day. For EGFH zone for which the entry is from Gohni gate, 75 vehicles would be given entry in a single day. Vehicle operators can charge Rs 1000. per tourist from entry from Tala and Gohni gate. If any tourist wish to visit Bandhavgarh fort then from Tala to bandhavgarh fort is rs 2000/ per tourist and from Gohni gate to bandhavgarh fort Rs 2500/ per tourist will be accountable.
If any tourist desires to visit only Bandhavgarh fort then from Tala and Gohni gate Rs 2500/ per tourist would be charged. The park would remain open for four hours in morning and three hours in evening before sunset."
This is what I read today in Hitavada MPLINE page A and D.
I was not informed about this meeting by the authorities so I miss the chance to attend it to get the first hand information.
I think this is the duty of each and every Hotel Operator to pass on this information to their agents/ Travel Agents and ultimately this information should be given to the consumer (Tourist). If there is no Tiger Show then many tourists may feel disappointed or they may not wants to come here altogether. Elephant ride and seeing the Tiger is main object of many visitors who comes here. I will request TOFT India to circulate this news to all travel agents in India, Europe and USA and try to send this information to tourists so they know what to expect.
In my opinion few points needs some clarification as charges can not be per person. Till last year it was per jeep. Have they changed the rules??
wait and see this blog if I could find out more or better information than this.


Avinash Upadhyay said...

Forest people do not understand that making things difficult for tourists beyond a particular point will drive them away and with that the poachers will have the tigers to themselves.

And Satyendra, if these charges are per person, even I who can afford a few things, will have to think twice visiting Bandhavgarh. If this is really per person, it is the most ridiculous measure I have read about.

Bandhavgarh said...

Dear Avinash,
I have just come back Park gate will open in few hours , 0222 hrs now, so i will write more clear about it later today.

sameer said...

Hi Satyendra,

Good to see someone helping out with real on the ground situation in bandavgarh...we recently visted corbett and ranthambore and did not have the faintest clue that you need to get into movie hall like queue for 3 hours at 4 am in the morning to get inside the park...was told by a few friends that situation in bandavgarh is different as you can book the safari through the hotels...can you please help out with what the real system and tariffs are..what i could gather from blogs is

1.elephant shows are not happeninhg (in my opinion not a bad thing after hearing some reports on how it had become a circus !)
2. routes are fixed for evening as well as morning safaris
3.there is some change in tariff ...can you help with whats the real tariff for saafri now..
4. you book through hotels..or you get into a queue in forest deptt office..or hotels promise they will book and then they ask you to get in the queue..

will be really great if you can thow some light on these things..

if anyone needs first hand info on bookings in corbett and ranthambore..i can sure help



Dr. R.Anand said...

I think the rates must be per jeep as it can not be that high. Not too sure about stopping of the show, I think it cuts out the surprise element. With such a high density I am sure the sightings are going to be good anyway.

Srik said...

Thanks for putting up the information

bogus said...

Good Thing Done By Park Authorities... Well First Priority is tigers.... come on we can put their life in any kind of dangor just for a sake of 3 to 4 hrs of Fun...huh.... well If we want to see tigers .. it should be totaly on their platform...

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