Friday, August 21, 2009

Good rain this morning.

None of the staff turned up yesterday. This makes me feel that whether we should rely on them or not. In all these many years i have over paid all my staff even to those who left the job. It was a very boring day. Nothing worked. One of the labour got fever in the afternoon so mason didn't work in the afternoon. Other people who were suppose to finish the job of tiling the bathroom last week has not shown their face yet.

This all makes me sick. I don't like this place / village to live any more. For a very poor quality work with lots of frustration we pay them the same amount as the skilled labour charge in city, this has started affecting my life.

I don't want to tell you more and more that how foolish I was to choose this place for living. It looks fantastic to the visitor that how calm and quit place we have to live but no one knows that living cost over here is as much as living in any city like Bhopal or Jabalpur.

I warn everyone who wants to shift to the country side for peaceful quite life that they should rely on yourself only than you will have a happy life in villages.

I finished the arch and mounting the clamp on wall for creepers to run. It is frustrating when you see that people just don't have any confidence in you than you think that why bother doing all this if they has to raise the question without seeing it.
Couldn't sleep last night. Again I brought a cup of tea for myself at 2 am and spend the night playing with TV remote chasing decent channel. I saw sunrise from the comp. table playing free cell.
At about four AM it started raining and within an hour i could feel that pool is full. Ganesh gave the news with a cup of tea at 0610 that pool is full up till mango. I photographed it again. water was above 1.5 feet over the pool level. Kaans ( sacred munja) started flowering means if we beleive in traditional season signs then the monsoon is over. Now the water table on the land is back to its normal stage.

Sisy is missing since yesterday and the boy is missing since Mini gave birth to her two kittens on 17th. Mrs and her two kittens are still on the land. In the night our garden is takenover by jackals. A pair seen resting in the grass roam on the land. Most probably they have killed our 5 cats in last one and half month. Palm civet leaves their sign under the Papaya and Cheeku tree. They have finished all the fruits.


वन्दना अवस्थी दुबे said...

हां सचमुच केवल घूमने जाने वाले तो बान्धवगढ को बहुत आदर्श स्थान मानते ही हैं रहने के लिये. अभी तक तो मैं आपकी किस्मत पर रश्क करती थी. सोचती थी कि आप कितने सुकून में हैं. लेकिन आज जाना कि आप कितने आजिज आ चुके हैं वहां से.कल आपके यहां इतनी बारिश हुई और हमारे यहां बादल तक नहीं थे. गरमी से बुरा हाल है.

Avinash Upadhyay said...

So monsoon has been good? That will be good news.

But a reading of your blog gave me some tension. I just bought a very small patch of land in khatiya to build a personal home for myself. That will allow me to live there for an extended period which is not possible otherwise because of the cost of resorts (Log huts now cost around 4700 per night). But if what you say is true, I am in for some bad time. But once the house is built, since it is not a resort, I think i should be ok?

Bandhavgarh said...

dear avinash,
u r not going to live there in monsoon so u r ok. in the season this place is good. u can get everything but on 1st july it becomes dry.
big problem in this area is the unreliable staff. one just cant have any faith in them.
for short stay jungle is good.