Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer 2009

This summer was very productive for us. I could finish the well on our land that we were thinking to put since last 4-5 years. Rainfall is decreasing year by year. Since last 4-5 years winter rains never happened. This makes place more drier on our land. We don't want to rely more on bore well so what we needed was the good open well.
First 7-8 feet was easy digging in clay soil then comes the stone. It was hard. Labour agreed to work on contract but just in two days they realised that it doesn't worth. So came back on daily wages job. That is more headache for me. I have to make sure that labour is happy and they are willing to finish the job. But Mahua season disrupts my plan and everyone goes to collect the Mahua. They don't earn that much money from that but that easy earning lures them. It was hard to find the labour in those days. I had to simply offer them more money to work.
Mason was paid throughout the time since February to supervise the work and keep on looking for labour every week. But after all this whole work needs supervision. I had to physically sit there to supervise the work.
Tendu Patta and Chironji season were other two great obstacle to increase the well cost.
Now work will be finished in next 2-3 weeks. A Fish Pond to recharge the well in monsoon is also ready. Hopefully we have solved our water problem for next 50 years. Any amount of rain is welcome to fill the Fish pond to recharge well.
This summer Kay was very very busy. She worked about 10 hours a day regularly for May and June and on some days even 12-14 hours. Still a lot to do. She has not started anything from this year sightings. Diary needs to be completed. Lots of backlog work for her. She is just completing Giant Panda. It takes time and concentration. Everything needs to be 100% right to create the work atmosphere in the house. Cats disrupt few days work. Yesterday morning one of the kitten was found bitten injured, covered in ants and unconscious . Other three missing. We brought him
in the room. Kay cleaned his wound and put him in the box. He is still lying there alive but unconscious. Other kitten found dead yesterday evening is buried under Kathal tree.
Other two missing kittens came back this morning. Our pet cats and wild snakes on the land keep rodent population in control. Now we know why Blindy gone missing. Must have been attacked either by Tom Cat or Jackals who comes on land in the night for water.
No mangoes on the land this year but plenty of Papita (Papaya) and Cheeku.


Avinash Upadhyay said...

Satyendra: Good to see you writing again. Hope there will be winter rains this time. I have always loved the fact that some perennial tricklers in Bandhavgarh like the charanganga never dry up. I hope it remains that way.

Bandhavgarh said...

Dear Avinash,
Thanks for your very encouraging message.