Friday, February 20, 2009


Sometimes we get some very knowledgeable tourists who knows every nooks and cranny of wildlife management. Discussion with them always increases the knowledge of each other. Hiding the truth about bovine T.B. is simply a futile exercise. Bovine T.B. is everywhere. It shows its presence in each and every village of central India. Thanks God we don't behave like Europeans otherwise most of our cattle's would have slaughtered. I say it is one of the means of keeping our homosapiens population under control. India needs such epidemics more.

Here I will talk about Bovine T.B. Sometimes we see Spotted Deer and Sambhar Deer grazing very close to cattle. They are not in direct touch but their presence is noticed on either side of the fence. Often we see very sick looking Deer in the park.

Are they suffering with Bovine T.B.??

If they are then does that effect the life span of a Tiger??
We don't have any such research done in this country. Once I asked a french Vet to work on this. Poor girl jumped on this idea got everything done from her end to know later on that Indian Govt. does not recognise French Vet degree here.
But tons of money spent every year on inoculation of cattle's without any results.

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